Sivan Menon
Founder & CEO
Sivan is a healthcare technology veteran with over two decades of experience with Siemens and GE Healthcare.
Sandhya Pottigari
Director and Head Operations
Sandhya is a seasoned HR leader with experience in diverse domains like Retail, Technology, Operations and E-Commerce
Dr. Swathi S.B MBBS FHM
General Physician
Primary care physician and researcher providing quality primary care since past 3 years. Experienced in providing guidance for wellness and management of chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, thyroid issues, asthma, HIV, women's health, etc. I believe in having person at the centre and caring for them with a holistic approach. This includes respecting patient's perspectives, choices, decisions, and their idea of well-being.
Dr. Ramakrishna Prasad
Senior General Physician
Dr. Ramakrishna Prasad is a US Board Certified Family Medicine Physician (ABFM, USA) with additional expertise in Infectious diseases. In addition to residency in Family Medicine, he holds a Master’s in Public Health (Infectious Diseases & Microbiology) and Fellowships in HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, and Faculty Development in Family Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh. Besides significant faculty and leadership level experience in the US and India, he has worked in the Grenada (West Indies), Honduras (Central America), and Mozambique (Southern Africa). Dr. RK Prasad brings deep expertise and extensive experience as a mentor to our physicians and other team members such that highly skilled, empathic, trustworthy, and patient or client centered care is delivered by all members of our clinical team to each patient every time.
Dr. Ashoojit Anand MD FPM
Senior General Physician
Dr. Ashoojit is a senior consultant with over two and half decades of experience in clinical medicine. Her expertise is in Geriatric and Palliative medicine and she is passionate about improving the quality of life of the elderly. Having worked as an academician in various medical colleges, Dr. Ashoojit is a natural coach and mentor for our young doctors.