Sangiti Wellness Plan

Sangiti Wellness Plan

Sangiti Wellness Plan is aimed at managing chronic diseases holistically through health consultations, in-depth diagnosis backed by multidisciplinary team inputs, and personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice (based on patient preference) under close clinical supervision.  It focuses on addressing the root cause of the client's condition, thus enabling the client to meet his/her health goals. The plan covers:

  • Personalised weekly wellness plan tailored for specific medical conditions for a period of 3 to 6 month duration based on the client’s condition.
  • Physician Consultations, lifestyle management support and coordination of any therapies/diagnostic tests for the duration of the plan.
  • Weekly tracking of clinical and patient defined wellness parameters by a personal care manager.
  • Regular updates to the wellness plan based on progress and patient feedback.
  • Periodic review of progress by the multi-disciplinary team.

How does it benefit you?

  • Addresses the root cause of your condition through multi-disciplinary team inputs.
  • Delivers personalized nutritional requirements by assessing and monitoring specific clinical and subjective parameters and your health goals.
  • Improves your nutritional absorption by building a healthy gut bacteria and thus your body immunity.
  • Manages your medication optimally through a single point interface with an expert clinician.

We have a number of additional services lined up, like home delivery of organic ingredients in line with your dietary plans, personal lifestyle coaching etc, all designed to make it impossible for you to not to comply with the wellness plan.